We get it, title isn’t glamorous.

It’s a real ‘small talker stopper’ at BBQs. But it’s funny how people suddenly find it fascinating when they’re sweating a closing date.
Can’t say we blame them, closing can be a complete circus. At least, it used to be — before we fixed it.
Well, here’s where other companies tell you their 300 years’ experience makes all the difference.
But we call BS on that.
We’ve been doing this forever as well (15 years to be exact) but that’s not the difference maker.
It’s actually very simple — we answer the phone (or the email or text).
The other guys drop the ball on high touch transactions where so often the customer just wants a human on the line to help them understand and resolve issues. 
We’re not a call center, we’re not departmentalized — we have experts all across the US who hate going through crappy title transactions and closings. That’s their motivation for making sure your closing is fast and frictionless.
Our humanity focus is the perfect counterpoint to our unparalleled tech. Think powerful integrations, digital closing and effortless automations. 
Human touch plus tech is how we get even the most complicated transactions clear to close and funded in record time.
Our team of title wizards work with both lenders and borrowers to provide: 
Origination, default and secondary title
Title insurance
Settlement services
Distressed assets
Conventional and non-QM products including fix & flip, DSCR and bank statement loans.
Remote online closings (RON)