We eat tricky closings for breakfast.

No call center, just a team of title experts powered by kickass tech to give you a fast, frictionless closing — no matter how complicated it is.
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sweat-free closings.

Industry vets on speed dial

If you need to call, you won't get stuck in a call center loop. We have dedicated industry experts nationwide assigned to each and every transaction, ready to help.

National underwriter network

We work with multiple underwriters all across the US, so our CTC percentages are higher than local agents tied to one or two underwriters. Our powerful integrations with our extensive underwriter network also make for speedy closings.

Seriously competitive pricing

We’ve got massive country-wide coverage but we’re still, well, nimble so we’re able to easily scale and deliver better than industry turn times. And we're not some title start-up, we have 15 years’ experience in the space, and that allows us to negotiate the best costs from our vendors.

Fully customized solutions

A process is not finite, it’s a work of art that needs to be monitored and improved upon. We understand the need to constantly improve title processing in order to provide better outcomes. So we can tailor every aspect of the process from custom reporting for pipelines to delivery methods via integration and/or FTP services. We can also completely tailor our workflow to your specific needs — if you want a certain doc or notification, we make it happen. 


We partner with both lenders and borrowers all across the US to offer a range of title services.

Origination title

We integrate with Encompass LOS for both refinance and purchase. Our refinance process is streamlined, augmented by tech and integrations for super fast clear to close. Purchase is a dynamic process built around the buyer and seller experience. We can also do conventional and non-QM products including fix & flip, DSCR and bank statement loans. For our clients looking to diversify their loan offerings, we make sure our closers are able to provide all the nuance to get non-QM loans closed.

Default Title

We have a dynamic process to make sure we’re a true partner to the bank’s asset manager. We're able to report and track transactions open to close no matter our level of involvement in the closing. Multiple underwriters and years of experience help us get title commitments and the curative headaches cleared quickly.

Secondary title

We do E/O current owner searches and pool reporting as well as curative, title insurance, assignment preparation and recordation. Think industry veterans (that’s us) partnered with industry leaders to bring high-touch project management and prompt delivery on projects of any size.


We provide nationwide closing services for all types of distressed assets. Our daily reporting keeps asset managers in the loop without having to login to a platform. We work with multiple underwriters so our CTC percentages are higher than local agents tied to one or two underwriters. Boom!

Realtor Services

When we chat to realtors about our services, a lot of them say ‘It’s cool — I’ve already got a guy (or gal)’. But that never puts us off, we know we’ve got the goods to become their go-to. We offer property data and reports that can help in their local GEO and we can partner with tasty, competitive title rates.

Capital Markets

We offer diligence services, property reports, O&E and TSGs, as well as expansive curative services and replacement policies.


Save money and time with Nimble but most of all, we take care of your borrowers because we know customer satisfaction is especially important in this space.

Frequently asked questions

Things you might be curious about.
Is Nimble RON Ready?
You better believe it! We actually have a nationwide partnership to help us service RON closings.
What underwriters does Nimble use?
We are partnered with many major national underwriters and are integrated to use all of their tools for speedy closings. We also use these powerful integrations to keep our prices competitive.
How do I order services?
For lenders, we’re integrated with a few different LOS. To get the details, give us a call on 401.216.7646 or email orders@nimbletitle.com
Individual buyers or sellers can email mlevesque@nimbletitle.com
RMBS or Secondary Service clients can email cody@nimbletitle.com
When is title insurance needed?
When it comes to lender’s title insurance, homeowners are required to buy title insurance for their lender’s peace of mind — they need to know their interest is confirmed and secured.
“For LOs” - Lenders Title Insurance makes sure the origination is secure and marketable to investors.
Owner’s title insurance provides assurances that the title to the property you bought and love is protected in your name. This insurance is a one-time purchase that runs during your ownership.
How do I pay for title insurance?
Title insurance, unlike homeowners insurance and flood insurance, is a one-time payment handled right through the closing. We use many national underwriters to make sure we’re able to give you the best rate.
What’s the process for title insurance?
Our title vets will review the land records to see if there are any threats to title. If there are, we’ll get them cleared (we might need to call for you). Then we’ll work with the other party in the transaction to create a settlement statement and we’ll record our new transaction in the land records. Finally, we’ll shoot over a policy when we’re done.
Who is there when I need something?
We don’t operate with a call center, we have dedicated industry experts assigned to every transaction ready to help. You can call us on 401.216.7646 or email us at hello@nimbletitle.com.